Scientist II: Mass Spectrometry Proteomics

Scientist II: Mass Spectrometry Proteomics faizanzubair2  2021-01-29

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Develop targeted biomarker assays for target engagement and pathway modulation biomarkers using mass spectrometry approaches
Quantify peptides, proteins, post-translational modifications, lipids, and metabolites to inform go- no-go decisions on assets and targets
Support discovery proteomics efforts using DIA, TMT, and label-free proteomics approaches
Lead scientific advances in specialized sample processing techniques, nano-LCMS, and software packages related to biomarker analyses

Process biological samples including tissues and fluids (Colon, Bile, Urine, CSF and/or Plasma) for enzymatic digestion, sample clean-up, and sample enrichment
Develop high-throughput sample processing approaches utilizing plate-based approaches and robotic instruments such as KingFisher and liquid handlers (eg. Tecan)
Implement 1D and 2D liquid chromatography techniques including reverse phase, reverse phase high pH, ion exchange, size exclusion, and others
Utilize Thermo’s hybrid and tribrid instruments to develop specialized biomarker assays for analytes with low physiological concentrations in complex matrices
Utilize Sciex’s TripleQuad and TripleTOF and Waters’ Xevo with Ion Key platforms for biomarker quantitation
Enrich for PTMs such as phosphorylation, acetylation, glycosylation, ubiquitination, and others using chemical affinity and antibody approaches
Leverage software packages including Skyline, Compound Discoverer, Proteome Discoverer, MaxQuant, Spectronaut and others for biomarker discovery and quantitation
Analyze multi-variate data sets and develop data processing pipelines containing normalization, imputation, and statistical analysis
Perform pathway analysis using IPA, Metacore, and other commercial/ public biological databases
Summarize biomarker data and present findings and recommendations to project teams

PhD degree in a scientific discipline with 2+ years experience , or
MS with 8+ years experience, or BS with 10+ years experience
Prior experience with mass spectrometry, HPLC, and nano-LC is required. Familiarity with Thermo and/or AbSciex mass spectrometers for biomarker quantitation is required.
Experience with ligand binding assays is beneficial.
The candidate must be able to analyze data and note significant deviations and maintain detailed, accurate and comprehensible study documentation.
The individual is also expected to be highly organized, a team player, enthusiastic about drug discovery, and possess strong communication skills.
Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals are beneficial