Research Support Specialist (metabolomics/lipidomics) - The Rockefeller University - Available ASAP

Research Support Specialist (metabolomics/lipidomics) - The Rockefeller University - Available ASAP halwaseem  2023-01-10

Job Description

Reporting to the Metabolomics Platform Manager, the Research Support Specialist will focus on the Metabolomics Platform at the Proteomics Resource Center (PRC). Responsibilities include sample preparation, maintaining and operating LC-MS/MS equipment and analyzing metabolomic and lipidomic projects in close collaboration with colleagues and researchers from a wide variety of University laboratories, as well as method development, implementation of untargeted workflows and related data analysis. Specifically, the Research Support Specialist will be expected to: consult with Metabolomics Platform Manager to identify project goals, experimental design and deadlines; interact with team members in support of overall Center operations; comply with lab safety guidelines; track samples and submit billing and purchasing information; maintain lab records; generate detailed technical documents and sample operating procedures; maintain laboratory appearance and monitoring chemical inventory and supplies; manage and expand compound libraries; maintain and operate LC-MS (Q-Exactive Plus and Orbitrap IQ-X) and related equipment with a focus on high quality data generation; prepare samples from a variety of biological matrices, using various sample processing techniques. The Research Support Specialist will also develop and implement metabolomics/lipidomics-related methodology; process, analyze and interpret data using open source and vendor software; prepare detailed reports for investigators; and interact with and advise investigators regarding study design and implementation. The targeted salary is $70,000 to $90,000.

Job Requirements

Master's degree (with 3+ years of related work experience) or Ph.D. (with emphasis in analytical chemistry/mass spectrometry) is required. Must have in-depth experience with liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry-based small molecule analysis (preferably LC-MS), including method development, as well as experience with high resolution mass spectrometers (preferably Orbitrap MS) including operation, calibration, tuning, cleaning, and other maintenance. Must have a strong understanding of metabolomics and/or lipidomics workflows and have expert competency in one or more of the following: Quantitative Metabolomics Workflows; Untargeted Metabolomics Workflows; and Untargeted Lipdomics Workflows. Candidate should be experienced processing HRMS data with vendor and/or open-source software, as well as sample preparation of biological and synthetic samples using a variety of sample processing techniques. Candidate is expected to have excellent communication (oral and written English) and interpersonal skills, as well as strong organizational and multitasking skills, with the ability to work independently as well as part of a team. Candidate must be able to keep accurate and detailed records in a lab notebook and LIMS system. Must have strong analytical and wet lab skills, and the ability to maintain and expand knowledge of mass spectrometry techniques through self-education, dialog with other experts, reading literature, and attending conferences and courses as necessary. Practical experience with bioinformatics and statistical analysis is preferred.

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