Senior Associate Scientist, Platform Biology

Senior Associate Scientist, Platform Biology kelli nolan  2021-02-05

This key position in our platform biology group will develop and perform mass spectrometry (MS) assays in support of proteomics applications for our therapeutic areas. The candidate will be expected to work with key stakeholders and under direction of senior members of the group to perform analyses to support our understanding of the mechanism of action, cell-based activity and biophysical properties of our small molecule protein degraders. This position reports to Principal Research Investigator, under the supervision of Senior Research Scientist in the Platform Biology department and will be located at our headquarters in New Haven, CT.
• Extensive hands-on experience with Orbitrap MS platforms
• Experience with liquid chromatography systems (nanoLC experience is preferred)
• Proficiency in MS acquisition methods such as data-dependent acquisition (DDA), data-independent acquisition (DIA), parallel reaction monitoring (PRM), etc.
• Experience with labeled MS quantitation methods such as TMT and iTRAQ
• Hands-on experience with MS proteomics sample preparation methods including BCA quantitation, tryptic digestion, peptide desalting, phosphopeptide enrichment, peptide labeling
• Experience with targeted MS protein quantitation using heavy isotope labeled standards
• Experience with top-down MS methods for intact protein analysis
• Proficiency in mass spectrometry analysis software packages including Proteome Discoverer, Scaffold, and Skyline.
• Ability to trouble-shoot and problem-solve independently while under general supervision by the project leader
• Ability to organize and work on multiple projects simultaneously
• Excellent data handling and recording skills as well as oral and written communication skills is required.