Skyline install problem gemma hardmanfowler  2021-07-14


I am getting an error when trying to install Skyline on my PC. Screenshot and details attached.

Have you seen this before? Can you offer any guidance? Thanks

Nick Shulman responded:  2021-07-14
This looks like the sort of error which is intermittent, and everything would probably work if you tried to install Skyline again.

The error that you are getting is "(403) Forbidden" while trying to download a file called "ROTMANLib.dll". When you install Skyline, many files get downloaded, and there is nothing special about the particular file that you failed to download, so I am pretty sure this would work if you tried it again.

Let us know if you are still running into problems.

-- Nick
gemma hardmanfowler responded:  2021-07-21

I am still getting an error when trying to install skyline, although looks like each time it is a different file that has failed to download (see two attempts attached). Might there be a way around this?

Thanks, Gemma
Nick Shulman responded:  2021-07-21
Another way to install Skyline is with the "unplugged" installer:

With the "unplugged" installer, you download a .zip file, and then extract all the files from that zip file, and run the "setup.exe" that you extracted.

Note, sometimes when you download a .zip file, before extracting files from it, it is necessary to right-click on it in Windows Explorer, choose "properties", and then check the checkbox that says "Unblock". Often, if you do not do that, Windows will prevent you from executing the "setup.exe" that you extracted from the .zip file.

-- Nick