Transition list export for optimizing compensation voltage not limiting to transition limit set in export window Susan Abbatiello  2021-03-12

I'm using the CV optimization tool and I'm trying to export transition lists that don't exceed 50 concurrent transitions (rough tune, a total of 7 CV steps). Skyline is not limiting the number of concurrent transitions for the CV optimization. Skyline file attached. I'm using a TSQ Altis with FAIMS.

Also, it would be awesome of the number of concurrent transitions in the scheduling graph provided in the transition export window would update to include the number when doing CV optimization.


Brendan MacLean responded:  2021-03-12

Have you tried just dividing your limit by 7? So, using 7 concurrent transitions where you want no more than 50?

I would agree this sounds like a bug, but maybe you can still get what you want out of Skyline by setting the limit in terms of primary transitions, knowing that they will always come with the extra optimization transitions, over exactly the same retention time range.

Thanks for reporting the issue to the Skyline support board. Let us know if this gets you unstuck.


Susan Abbatiello responded:  2021-03-16

Hi Brendan,
I was able to get this working by limiting the max number of concurrent transitions to multiples of 7 (35 total worked best for me). Thanks for the advice!