CXP export in method vontoerne  2013-07-26
Dear Brendan,
thank you again for all the help we got from you and your people during the SRM course! CXP optimization has already been requested, as I have seen. If one optimizes CXP without Skyline, the problem is that there is no way to import the optimized values, since CXP as a parameter itself is not included in the method parameters in Skyline. This way, data evaluation and method development can not solely be done in Skyline and one has to include the CXP manually after every Skyline-export which is error prone. If there was a button "add" in the optimization menu and people could select, what they wanted to be optimized and exported in their methods, would be perfect!
Thank you for considering!
Christine (HMGU)
Brendan MacLean responded:  2013-08-09
Hi Christine,
As you note, this is already in the issues list:

But, bringing it up again can help improve the chances that it will receive action from the development team.

I can't promise anything, and right now we are very focused on the next Skyline release coming very soon.

I have added a link to your comments here to the issue.

Thanks for your feedback! Glad you found the SRM course valuable.