Using Skyline image/logo in graphical abstract for publication Alok  2020-01-08
Hello Skyline team,

Is it possible to use Skyline image in graphical abstract of a paper? We think it is good to include the logo as we will be making all Skyline files publicly available after the acceptance.

Mike MacCoss responded:  2020-01-08
Absolutely, let us know if you need a high resolution image.
roman sakson responded:  2020-01-23
Dear Mike,

we are also preparing a manuscript that makes quite extensive use of Skyline (great software!). So, a high resolution picture (or vector graphic, ideally) would be highly appreciated! Do I need to provide an email or is it maybe possible to make it accessible on your homepage?

Thank you!

Mike MacCoss responded:  2020-01-23
Hi Roman,
Yes we will send you high resolution images. Given the requests we will try and post images somewhere on the website for people to use.

Thanks for your interest!
Brendan MacLean responded:  2020-01-23
I have uploaded the ZIP file containing our vector graphics images (*.eps) for the Skyline logo, and added a link to:

roman sakson responded:  2020-01-24
Hi Brendan and Mike,

thank you for the fast response and for making it available!

Hope to see you in Houston,