Problem during incorporating pep.xml in library creation Shalini Aggarwal  2019-07-19

I am facing issue while building the library using TPP analysed file (pep.xml file). The error it is showing is attached as screenshot below.

We have integrated this type of data earlier as well but did not face this type of problem. Kindly guide me.

Thank you,
Shalini Aggarwal

Nick Shulman responded:  2019-07-22
Skyline is looking for either the file "29012018_QE_Ingel_Shalini_Parasite_9PVS_Fr1.mzML" or "29012018_QE_Ingel_Shalini_Parasite_9PVS_Fr1.mzXML". Skyline is also saying that it tried looking in the directories "D:\IITB\PhD\MRM" as well as the parent and grandparent of that directory.

Do you have a file called 29012018_QE_Ingel_Shalini_Parasite_9PVS_Fr1.mzML or 29012018_QE_Ingel_Shalini_Parasite_9PVS_Fr1.mzXML?
Can you copy that file into one of the directories where Skyline will be able to find it?

-- Nick